Cut The Crap Film Review: Star Trek Beyond + London Premiere

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Yesterday  I had the pleasure of attending the Star Trek Beyond UK premiere at the Empire Cinemas in Leicester Square.

Star Trek Beyond


I did the whole ritual thing. Lined up, grabbed my wristband, prayed to JJ Abrams and the sorts. Praying worked wonders. I secured a fab spot at the front row. Shoutout to two lovely and hilarious Star Trek fans who let me squeeze my way in there.


I need to say this. Trekkies were beyond amazing. I am not kidding. At first, I thought that I would encounter a bunch of entitled fans who would smash your face in order to get their DVDs signed. I was so wrong. The fanbase was great, quite chill when the cast arrived and most of all funny AF.


John Cho, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Sofia Boutella, Idris Elba, Simon Pegg and Chris Pine blessed us with their presence at the white carpet of the Star Trek Beyond UK premiere. Things went down as usual. All of them kept switching from press to fans and back and forth for about 45 minutes. All of them did a phenomenal job – signing and taking selfies at light speed. However I think I have to give extra props to Zachary, Chris and John for going the extra mile.

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond


I was able to get pretty decent selfies with Simon and John. I also feel like I have to introduce to you my sidelfie which is basically me looking at the camera and Chris looking at me. That was a glorious failure of a picture.

Star Trek Beyond


I rushed my way into the cinema 10 minutes before the film and casually grabbed my Star Trek Beyond caramel popcorn that was expecting me at my seat (Thanks guys).

Star Trek Beyond
On the white carpet


The cast and director Justin Lin introduced to us the vision behind “Star Trek Beyond” with Simon Pegg giving a heartfelt tribute to Anton Yelchin and almost tearing up. It was a very emotional moment.


And then…lights off. The film started.


As I have said many times I don’t enjoy long film reviews. So I am just going to cut to the chase.

Star Trek Beyond

Is “Star Trek Beyond” good? Yes. Is it great? Not really. The gang is back again in the Starflee but something is off. The storylines are oversimplified. The writing is too linear. There are no surprises. The action scenes are okay but forgettable.


The characters are definitely more mature this time around which is not necessarily a great thing but this is portrayed well. I personally enjoy the more stubborn version of Spock and the sillier version of Captain Kirk. But maybe that’s just me.

I wish Sulu and Chekov had more screen-time. I would have loved to see more of their characters and what drives them. Uhura is also at the backseat this time in a way that feels disorganized and distant.


The most redeeming element of “Star Trek Beyond” are definitely Idris Elba’s villain (Krall) and the new addition of Sofia Boutella’s Jaylah. In retrospective, they are not massively developed characters but Elba and Boutella bring an exciting dimension to them.

Star Trek Beyond


Elba’s voice is terrifying and the brief moment where we look into Krahl’s past, we can see Elba’s ability to turn every performance into an award-worthy one.


What made the film truly interesting for me is how it dealt with different relationship dynamics this time around. Kirk with Chekov, Sulu with Uhura and Spock with Bones. Seeing these unlikely pairs spending more time together than usual and drifting away from the been-there-done-that tension between Captain Kirk and Spock really elevated the film for me.

Star Trek Beyond

Go see it because we are warmed up for something REALLY good to come. I am rooting for all the characters and their emotional evolution in the upcoming film.

It hurts my heart that we won’t have any more Anton in Star Trek. It really hit me while I was watching the film. What a talented young man.


You will live long and prosper in our hearts, Anton.

Forever yours,


Your fans.



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