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Our Favorite Tweets About The Walking Dead Finale (Season 7)

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****** SPOILER ALERT ******

Walk away if you haven’t watched The Walking Dead finale.Walking Dead

Am I okay with that The Walking Dead cliffhanger? Hell no, I am not.

To The Walking Dead producers: You KNOW we are going to come back for season 8.
No need to leave us hanging like a bunch of rotten onions.
We needed some closure. I get that you wanted to make this whole thing about Negan. Granted, if you revealed the major death, the finale would derive from Negan‘s theatrically evil debut and cling to the dead character.

One thing’s for sure: I would hate Negan a whole lot more right now if I knew who died. Because I know their background storylines, who they love and who they care about. I don’t know anything about Negan. Why should I care? Challenge me to care, The Walking Dead producers.

Still: Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s performance was a bliss to witness.  Negan might be an ass but JDM seems like he just landed the role of his lifetime. And don’t worry, Jeffrey. Even if you do get hate mail for your role, the fandom has your back. Truthfully.

With that being said, I collected Propcake’s favorite tweets from The Walking Dead fandom. Enjoy!






Brb revisiting my college books.






Omg so true.


Not fair. Not fair at all.




Nailed it.


Did we mention it’s a TRAP?!



Now over to you.

How did you enjoy finale of season 7?diddly-sharing
What is going on with Carol and her existential remarks? Is Maggie going to survive? Is she carrying a baby walker??!?! And what are your predictions about the big death?! Glenn?!?! Daryl?!?! Some people even say it’s Aaron.




Cut The Crap Film Review: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice taking a huge 81% plunge in the box office at the second weekend (it actually broke a record, no shit), I realized I didn’t overreact when I murmured “meh” to my friend after watching the film.

Batman V Superman

The film wasn’t horrible per se. Correction: The first half hour was.

It had some fine points; From Ben Affleck actually making a very worthy Batman (trust me, it pains me to admit it as I always believed Affleck’s place is behind the camera) to the explosive performance of Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman at the battlefield.

Batman V Superman - Wonder Woman

And even though Zack Snyder & Co got these two main characters right, the rest of the film just didn’t work out.

Henry Cavill was solid good. I liked his dark interpretation of Superman in Man Of Steel and I appreciated his effort in Batman V Superman considering the material (or lack thereof) he had to work with. Seriously. Give that guy a line! He’s freaking Super Man. Which brings me to…

Lois Lane. I have nothing against Amy Adams. In fact, I’m quite fond of her and I loved her in Doubt, The Master and American Hustle. But thiiiiiiiis isn’t working out. Lois Lane probably had more screen time than Superman and that’s just not cool. There was a couple next to me at the movies that cringed and sighed every time Adams appeared on-screen and I’m sure they didn’t have any beef with the actress either. It’s not you, Amy. It’s Lois.

The I-cant-decide-yet factor: Jesse Eisenberg. I like Jesse. I never thought he was anything phenomenal acting-wise (I thought he played the same character in Social Network and The End Of The Tour) but his Lex Luthor was fun and wild. The thing is though, it didn’t feel like Lex Luthor. Listen, I haven’t read many DC comics so of course I could be wrong. Maybe he played a fantastic Lex Luthor. However, to me, Lex Luthor always came across as the ruthless type (see Frank Underwood). I believe Jesse would have played a great quirky version of Riddler. Oh well.

Contrary to what many people say after watching the film, I don’t think DC should “lighten up”. That’s Marvel’s department. Hence my slight disappointment with Warner Bros’ decision to do reshoots in Suicide Squad to make the film funnier. The Dark Knight trilogy proved that as long as you have a great script, you CAN make a captivating film. When your script is mediocre (at best, with no structure) — where does that leave you?

I have to admit though I enjoyed this moment thoroughly.

Batman V Superman - Superman


Propcake’s Batman V Superman DiCaps Rating: 3/5




Now over to you.

diddly-sharingWhat did you think of the film? Are you excited for the Justice League movies?
p.s. FLASH and AQUAMAN!!!

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