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Cut The Crap TV Show Review: Outlander Season 2 Episode 1

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I will start this review by sharing something with you. I’m terrible at recaps. I can’t quite tell you what happened in the finale of the first season of “Outlander” to save my life. Maybe I’m lazy describing scene after scene on paper or maybe I’m just really bad at it.


So I’m not here to tell you what happened in the premiere episode of the season 2 of “Outlander”.

I’m here to tell you that it is worth its entire hour. I was a bit hesitant at start, since it had been a while since I watched the first season. If you’re watching a bunch of TV shows like me, you can relate to the feeling of delving into all kinds of fictional worlds, and boy…Outlander has a hell of a world. Sometimes this dive into these worlds take an emotional toll on you and that’s why I thought I wasn’t prepared for Outlander.

I was wrong. By the time I started the episode, I was drawn into the all-round powerful performances of Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies.

We find Claire torn between her two timelines again. The episode is split into these two timelines with the first half taking place in the 20th century and the second half in the 18th (and in France).

The first half was undoubtedly the strongest one. As much as I love Claire and Jamie and as much as I’m anticipating to see how this season handles the aftershock of Jamie’s rape, the dialogue between Claire and Frank in the first half hour is just something else. Tobias Menzies, who plays Frank – Claire’s husband in the 1948 timeline, delivers an impressive performance. Not that we expected anything else. His menacing portrayal as Jonathan Randall has already been instilled on my heart and doesn’t plan in fading away anytime soon.




The second half had a lighter sense of tone (thank you Outlander, because FEELINGS) and it was exactly what the episode needed. Fan-favorite Sam Heughan returned in our small screen charming as ever and I for one can’t wait to see how his character is going to develop this season.

Something that I noticed (and loved) in the first episode was how Caitriona’s character, Claire, uses subtly different face gestures between the two timelines. In the 1940s, we can see her weeping in plain sight but even when we can’t, there is a sea of sadness in her eyes. She misses Jamie, she’s carrying his child and she wants to make that clear to the world. However, in France, when she joins Jamie’s side – her entire face is lit up. When things go wrong, the confident spark never leaves her face. She is in love and she’s right where she belongs.

New episodes Saturday at 9P ET/PT on Starz.


Propcake’s Outlander Season 2 DiCaps Rating: 4/5








Now over to you.

diddly-sharingHow will the sexual abuse affect Jamie’s & Claire’s relationship? Will time travel play a crucial part in this season?

Who Attended The MTV Movie Awards 2016

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MTV Movie Awards 2016 attendance was a precious thing to cherish. We collected a bunch of images for you to see who showed up, who broke our hearts, who gave us friendship goals and who gave us hair ENVY.

Note: Robert Downey Jr and Sebastian Stan weren’t at the MTV Movie Awards and we still cannot recover from this.


mtv movie awards 2016

Chris Hemsworth showed up with the godly-looking Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron for their upcoming film The Huntsman: Winter’s War. And Chris caught up with his buddy Captain America, ermmm we mean Chris Evans and it’s making us dizzy.


mtv movie awards 2016

Look at all these faces! What do Margot Robbie, Cara Delevigne, Jared Leto and Will Smith have in common? The Suicide Squad film that’s coming out in August.

We also spot the legendary Samuel L. Jackson and Halle Berry aka Storm and Nick Fury omg.

FACT: Will Smith snatched the “MTV Generation Award” last night.


mtv movie awards 2016

We’ll just leave this here. p.s. Hi Ryan Reynolds and Anthony Mackie. In you we trust.


mtv movie awards 2016

We’re fine. We’re fine. Don’t mind us.


mtv movie awards 2016

Melissa McCarthy won the “Comedic Genius Award” last night and we have no problem understanding why.

Lots of feels in here: Chris Pratt! Zac Efron with Sami Miro and Ryan Reynolds who grabbed the “Best Comedic Award” for what else…Deadpool.


mtv movie awards 2016

Remember we said about HAIR ENVY?

In the image: Amy Pohler, Jessica Chastain, Rebel Wilson & Daisy Ridley!

Congrats to Daisy for winning “Breakthrough Performance”. So much deserved. Have you watched her Star Wars audition? And double congrats to Amy for winning “Best Virtual Performance” for Inside Out.


mtv movie awards 2016

Charlize Theron‘s performance was so damn good in “Mad Max: Fury Road” that we’re still enraged over that Oscar snub. But she did win “Best Female Performance” last night and that award came directly from film fans so it’s gotta mean something. Right?

In the picture: Lizzy Caplan, Cara Delevigne & mother of dragons Emilia Clarke.


mtv movie awards 2016

Of course Chris Pratt won “Best Action Performance” for “Jurassic World” at the MTV Movie Awards because pfffft…who else?
mtv movie awards 2016

In the picture: Kat Graham, Chris Pratt, Eddie Redmayne & Samuel L. Jackson.


mtv movie awards 2016

Love love love! In the image: Stephen Amell & Miles Teller.


mtv movie awards 2016

Andy Samberg & Emilia Clark give us MAJOR PICTURE GOALS.

Congratulations to the JJ Abrams & the entire team for winning “Movie Of The Year” for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. YASSSSS.


You can find the ENTIRE LIST of MTV Movie Awards 2016 winners here.


Now over to you.

Who’s your favorite winner? Are you more excited about Suicide Squad or Captain America: Civil War?


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