‘Cut The Crap’ review: The Man In The High Castle Season 2 Premiere

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So it’s not every day you get to watch a TV show about history (specifically a few years after the WW2 era) and alternative worlds. Right?!?!? We are so excited Amazon Prime’s The Man In The High Castle was so lovingly embraced by so many TV show lovers out there (aka us).

man in the high castle

The plot is bizarre. We’re talking crazy levels. Adolf Hitler is still alive. And he’s the leader of the entire world. Yes, he never offed himself.

Are you still with us?

The series tells a story of a world where the Axis powers, consisting of Germany (yeah, the Nazi one) and Imperial Japan, won World War II and sectioned the United States into puppet states. We follow a few renegades (we like them — we promise) and what they’re trying to do to make a change in this horrific horrific world.

The first season ended with a huge BAAAAANGGG so we were so thrilled to watch the first episode of the second season at the European premiere.

man in the high castle

Like so so excited. We also touched shoulders with Rupert Evans *wink wink*.

You know we hate spoilers as much as crocs so we’re not here to tell you what happened in that first episode.

We’re here to tell you that you need to stop what you’re doing and get on it right now because goddamn, it was good. Juliana (Alexa Davalos) remains our spirit rebel animal and maintains her cool considering…she meets The Man.

Okay, this is not an actual spoiler, you guys shoulda seen the promos. WE’RE MEETING THE MAN IN THE FIRST EPISODE.

But is there only one man? Well, we’ll let you answer that one.

Rufus Sewell, Luke Kleintank and Rupert Evans come back with a vengeance (almost) supporting their characters with zeal and fervency.

We know you love pictures of premieres and stuff so we grabbed some for you from the STUNNING European premiere of The Man In The High Castle.

man in the high castle

man in the high castle

Long story short;

If you haven’t started The Man In The High Castle yet, please do it. It’s bold, provocative and beautifully terrifying.

If you watched the first season and can’t keep up with all your TV shows, then we’re here to remind you…

The Man In The High Castle Season 2 is available now on Amazon Prime Video.


YES RIGHT NOW. So what are you waiting for? Happy binge-watching!


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