Don’t Miss These ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ Costume Sketches + New Clip

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Stop what you’re doing. There’s a new film from queen Meryl Streep in town and we must pay attention. We’re talking about the comedy drama Florence Foster Jenkins. Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg (probably the most hilarious guy in The Big Bang Theory right now)  are also involved so we’re definitely on board.

Florence Foster Jenkins
Meryl Streep as Florence and Hugh Grant as St Clair in Florence Foster Jenkins 

Directed by Stephen Frears (someone we admire very much with Philomena & The Queen in his CV), Florence Foster Jenkins tells the true story of the eponymous high-class New York socialite who strenuously pursued her dream of becoming a hot-shot singer. The bad news are that she was terribly bad at singing (we almost have proof with a brand new clip for you) but the good news are that she had a devoted husband and manager by her side, St Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant) who supported her career venture.

Florence Foster Jenkins
Simon Helberg as Cosme McMoon in Florence Foster Jenkins

Along with Simon Helberg who plays the role of Florence’s long suffering piano accompanist, Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) and Nina Arianda (Midnight in Paris) are also enlisted in the supporting cast members.

Now for the fashion enthusiasts, Pathé released some stunning Florence Foster Jenkins costume sketches from costume designer Consolata Boyle (Iron Lady, The Queen) and we have a few for you.

Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins


Award winning costume designer Consolata Boyle says of her sketches: “Florence was a supreme performer, so her clothes were gorgeously outrageous. They were high camp but with a softness so she drew people in however outrageous she looked. And she had no embarrassment about how she looked.”

We’re so excited about this.

Florence Foster Jenkins
Meryl Streep as Florence Foster Jenkins in Florence Foster Jenkins

Check out the brand new clip from Florence Foster Jenkins:


FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS is released in UK cinemas today, 6th May 2016. Don’t miss it.


Now over to you.

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What about your favorite Hugh Grant film? About a boy was so precious. Young Nicholas Hoult was kid goals.

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