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I just had the pleasure of seeing Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (yes, late at the party — I know) and hell, it was good. I am willing to go as far as to say that it is the best Marvel film to date. If not best, then the most mature. Avengers was great because of its funny one-liners and its very powerful yet complicated villain, Loki. On the contrary, Age of Ultron didn’t work that well because of Ultron’s weak story development but nonetheless it was a solid superhero flick.

Captain America

However, what we saw in Captain America: Civil War is a very worthy follow up of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film doesn’t rely on action scenes (though we could talk for HOURS about that airport scene). The story unfolds in front of our eyes in a very eloquent way. There is no messing up. There are no meaningless scenes. Every frame, from start to finish holds its purpose in order to present solid arguments from both sides of Captain America and Iron Man. The arguments from each side are believable. They can even be relatable for some of you. There is no black and white in this film. The superheroes are not perfect anymore – they take sides and they lose the fight, they lose their friends and they lose their minds. If you’ve seen the film you’ll know that Iron Man wasn’t 100% wrong. He wasn’t 100% right either. And that’s what makes the film click.

Captain America

I loved the Spiderman casting. Tom Holland brings a brand new dimension of our beloved superhero – that of a young awkward teenager who has barely realized how gifted he truly is. Holland is way too talented – something I discovered after seeing him in The Impossible a few years back. I later found out Robert Downey Jr helped pick Holland as the new Spiderman so I wasn’t surprised when I saw these two on screen. Their chemistry is right on point. I’m now even more happy about Robert Downey Jr being confirmed in the new installment of Spiderman.

All the supporting performances were strong as usual. From Anthony Mackie to Don Cheadle and Paul Rudd, there was no overshadowing as I felt each character got as much screen time as it was possible for the story to develop. I would ask for more Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow but now that a standalone film is coming, I am going to zip my mouth.

Captain America

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan as Captain America and Bucky respectively were both brilliant in the film with Evans showing a more vulnerable version of Cap quite respectfully and Stan tactfully balancing Bucky’s cruel past/human side. The script helped a lot too. There were quite a few twists and turns in their story which made the plot progress in a very fast paced rhythm. I credit the trailer(s) for that. Now I realize how great they truly were. The trailers didn’t give us shit plot-wise, yet they did hit all the right notes with some top moments from the films. That’s what a good trailer is supposed to be about. Note to all the directors out there: Don’t reveal your entire plot in the official trailer. Learn from Marvel.

Captain America

I’m finishing this off with Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther who deserves all the recognition he can get. The guy is legendary as Black Panther and I really can’t wait for his film. You might feel a bit uneasy with his character at first but it’s guaranteed you are going to understand the true nature of Your Highness, King T’Challa by the end of the movie.

If there is one complaint about the film is that it wasn’t gay enough. We need Captain America and Bucky together ASAP. Get it together, Marvel. By the way, great job.

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Propcake’s Captain America: Civil War DiCaps Rating: 4.5/5


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