Fandom Experiences: How Thirty Seconds To Mars Changed Alex’s Life

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We are back with another beautiful fandom story about Alex, a girl from Poland whose favorite band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, changed her life forever in a million different ways.

Thirty Seconds To Mars


About Alex

Alex is actually a 25 years old Monika, but most people, including her co-workers call her Alex. She’s a dreamer from Poznań, Poland. She’s working at a hostel where she meets new people, collects experiences and works with social media while discovering its power, which fascinates her. She believes that life’s too short to waste it on worries, so she always tries to find a reason to smile in any situation. Little things can make her happy. Her dream is to go on trip around the world or at least visit a few places from the top of her ‘To-see’ list. Alex has a passion of writing stories with an aspiration to publish her own book one day. There are two rules she lives by: “Don’t regret anything you do, because in the end, it makes you who you are” & “Try and fail but never fail to try”. Music keeps her heart beating and she still hopes to shake hands with Bono one day or make jokes with The Joker.


Alex’s Story about Thirty Seconds To Mars

I was growing up in 90s where all we’ve had were things that were close to us physically. As kids all we wanted was to play with kids from the neighborhood and hide from adults telling us to do our homework. We knew people who we were able to meet in person, music that was on MTV (yeah, it really was a music television back then), and all celebrity news were from gossip magazines.

Why am I saying this? Because back then, when the Internet wasn’t THAT popular as it is now, I’ve met few people who still are there for me, but wouldn’t be if it wasn’t about fandoms.


It was late 2009. I’ve heard for the first time about Twitter. Facebook was already a thing in my high school, but Twitter was something new, something that I wanted to discover. Yeah, I made an account (the same I’m using now) and immediately quit. It wasn’t really interesting or cool. How wrong was I. I came back 2 months later to keep an eye on updates about one band I started listening since the last year of high school. Yes, Thirty Seconds To Mars. Actually, I used to say about them “Oh, it’s this band of Colin Farrell’s friend”. I’m not sure how exactly, but my list of people I was following and who followed me was growing bigger. I started to talk with a lot of people who weren’t from my city or even my country! When the first concert of Thirty Seconds To Mars was announced, my timeline was flooded with excitement. Funny I didn’t know how much my life was going to change later.


Summer 2010 came faster than the speed of light. I made my long time friend (the one whom I discovered Thirty Seconds To Mars with in school) to go with me to Cracow, where we went with 3 other girls. I’d met the 2 of them through Twitter. We had an amazing time in Cracow and attended the most perfect concert of a band that we loved with all our hearts! Our bond was stronger than anything else. So strong that even when some of us passed on the band, we were able to count on each other. We could talk about everything. By getting to know each other for months, we discovered that we like the same things, not just music. From Thirty Seconds To Mars, through Hobbit & LOTR, Hannibal, Marvel, DC, to lifetime friendships.


Thirty Seconds to Mars


In the next years a lot of people came into my life leaving footprints on my heart. And while some of them left, other stayed. Many of them met because of this one music fandom. Every single person, intentionally or not, gave me a lesson. I’ve learned not to trust people easily from someone, while other person taught me that not everything we know is right. During those few years I’ve learned not to judge people easily and that every action may have a different explanation that what we think.


Somewhere between Impact Festival in Warsaw and the end of summer 2013, one of the most amazing angels replied to my tweet to 30STMVOTE (so we can say that because of this great Mars-related account I’ve met another friend for a lifetime 😉 ). Okay, it was August 25, 2013. Yes, I actually went through my Twitter archive to find this. Why “most amazing angel”? Thanks to her, my belief in dreams is THAT strong. She showed me that even our wildest dreams can come true if we have faith, are good to others and work hard. She made me go to London which was my first trip abroad. She made me get on a plane and fly those 1170 kilometers from home to one of the biggest cities in the world. She took me to the Thirty Seconds To Mars’ concert at O2 Arena in London, where I have met the band in person. Thanks to her I have a picture with my idols, which is a reminder that anything is possible. She’s the person who always believes in me. If I have doubts, she’s always there to say that I can do it and I will succeed. This adventure was a milestone and cut off the crap that was following me for the past few months.


Thirty Seconds to Mars
But sharing is caring. What kind of person would I be, if this positive fever wouldn’t be spread? Once I’ve asked a friend of a friend, if she wants to go to see Thirty Seconds To Mars live because I have a spare ticket. She said yes, but without excitement. But that show was for both of us as a wedding with prince charming would be. We cried, we laughed, we screamed and we were drained from energy but at the same time full of concert adrenaline. And guess who was the one who was asking for another concert! Old hand or newbie? She took the role of someone who drives our trips. She was the one who took me for a trip to make another one of my dreams come true – attend Linkin Park’s concert. Today we are about to go to another dream concert of mine – Queen. She went very deep into the entire make-dreams-come-true philosophy.


Thirty Seconds to Mars


I am grateful to Thirty Seconds To Mars and fandom for a few important things. First, that I’ve met many great people, some of them are my closest friends, even though we don’t speak to each other every day — we can count on our friendships. Second, this music and people from this fandom helped me get through some bad moments, and I’m not sure where would I would be without them. Third, they taught me that dreams are possible. Hard work pays off if you’re strong enough to fight for it. Fourth, fight for what you believe in, because if you want to be happy and be yourself, you need to fight and stay strong.


For me, the Echelon – this fandom, is not only about music, but also about people, lessons for life, dreams, hope and… And everything that still has to come. This is why I’m still in it and not going anywhere. This band was a spark that started flames of friendships, flames of the greatest adventures and a flame of passion and making dreams come true.

Now over to you.

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