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In this space you can expect a weekly dose of a fandom's best tweets. If we happen to use your tweet, we will give you full credit and notify you via Twitter.

The Best Reaction Tweets: ‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 Episode 19

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After a few rocky episodes in The Blacklist, we were finally delivered an episode that made our insides feel all tingly again. Of course, I’m referring to the 19th episode of season 3 where Liz finally delivers a healthy baby but she also *gasps* tells the audience goodbye??? dies?? takes a break because she’s had enough??

the blacklist

I’m not sure we’ll find very soon. However, I am almost entirely convinced that the show HASN’T killed their main character. First of all, we were all expecting Megan Boone (Liz) to take off for a few episodes as a maternity leave for her actual pregnancy. Sure, “killing off” the main character hadn’t crossed my mind. I thought that they would make Liz to take on some special mission to find her mother or something.

This twist was bold from the producers’ part. But (in my opinion) the show is not bold enough to actually carry out their seemingly shocking decision. I believe Liz is still alive. I feel like this is all arranged behind closed curtains.

As much as I like Liz’s dynamic with Red – something that I would quite miss from Liz’s death – I hope I’m proven wrong and she’s actually dead. Come on, you have to admit it’s always fun when shows pull a Game Of Thrones.

With a The Blacklist episode that’s so full of powerful performances from all fronts (James Spader, we’re looking at you), we also have some really good reaction-tweets about it. We collected our favorite for you:


The Blacklist 3×19 Reaction Tweets:





For real. Dembe is OFF LIMITS.



A Steve Harvey reaction GIF is always appropriate.






That would be brilliant. #Blindspot






Can’t disagree with that. ?



“It’s just a TV show” is something I’ve told myself a hundreds of times and it’s never working.









“38% sure” HA HA HA.






We feel you.



Only James Spader, ladies and gentlemen.


Now over to you.diddly-sharing

Is Liz really dead or is it all some part of a bigger arrangement?

Tell us your theory.


Our Favorite Tweets About The Walking Dead Finale (Season 7)

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****** SPOILER ALERT ******

Walk away if you haven’t watched The Walking Dead finale.Walking Dead

Am I okay with that The Walking Dead cliffhanger? Hell no, I am not.

To The Walking Dead producers: You KNOW we are going to come back for season 8.
No need to leave us hanging like a bunch of rotten onions.
We needed some closure. I get that you wanted to make this whole thing about Negan. Granted, if you revealed the major death, the finale would derive from Negan‘s theatrically evil debut and cling to the dead character.

One thing’s for sure: I would hate Negan a whole lot more right now if I knew who died. Because I know their background storylines, who they love and who they care about. I don’t know anything about Negan. Why should I care? Challenge me to care, The Walking Dead producers.

Still: Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s performance was a bliss to witness.  Negan might be an ass but JDM seems like he just landed the role of his lifetime. And don’t worry, Jeffrey. Even if you do get hate mail for your role, the fandom has your back. Truthfully.

With that being said, I collected Propcake’s favorite tweets from The Walking Dead fandom. Enjoy!






Brb revisiting my college books.






Omg so true.


Not fair. Not fair at all.




Nailed it.


Did we mention it’s a TRAP?!



Now over to you.

How did you enjoy finale of season 7?diddly-sharing
What is going on with Carol and her existential remarks? Is Maggie going to survive? Is she carrying a baby walker??!?! And what are your predictions about the big death?! Glenn?!?! Daryl?!?! Some people even say it’s Aaron.




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