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We are planning to have people from all kinds of fandoms guest blog here about the people they love and admire. Did you meet Jared Padalecki and you want to tell the world? Did you attend a kickass convention, festival, special event and you want to share your story? Did you meet your best friend because of a fandom? Or maybe your special one? Are you an absolute geek and screamed quite loud when the CEO of your favorite startup got back to your e-mail? As long as you have a STORY to tell that will engage the fandom audience, we'd love to hear from you. If you have pictures and/or video even better (it's okay if you don't, even though we'd love to see your selfie with Emily Blunt). E-mail your story over to Diddly at with subject "Fandom experiences".

Fandom Experiences: How Alba Got to Meet Thirty Seconds to Mars

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Last week, Patty, a member of the Thirty Seconds To Mars fandom (the Echelon) got to tell us how the band helped her personally on a very profound level. Now this week, Alba who got to meet Thirty Seconds To Mars in one of their shows, tells us her story.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

About Alba

Alba just turned 20 and she’s from Madrid, Spain. She’s currently studying English Philology at university and she’s proud to say that’s been one of the best decisions of her life. As for her hobbies, she loves reading (literature is one of her biggest passions), writing, drawing (it helps her a lot, especially when she suffers from anxiety attacks) and of course, listening to music. As you will see in a few minutes, her favorite band ever is Thirty Seconds To Mars. Not only does she love their music but also thanks to this band she has met amazing people who have become very close friends to her. She’s also a huge fan of Marvel, with Captain America (ok, and Bucky) being her favorites, and among her favorite TV series are Bones, Pushing Daisies, Psych and The Night Manager. The last few years haven’t been easy and many dreams have been shattered but she still has hope and even though she’s still not where she wants to be, she’s getting closer step by step.

Editor’s note: We wish you all the best, Alba!


Alba’s Story

How it all started:
I want to start by saying that 2014 wasn’t my best year (actually the worst) and even though I wanted 2015 to be a special one, I still had to heal a lot of wounds in my mind and heart, and to be honest, it wasn’t going as I expected. However, once again my biggest heroes came to rescue me and it was at the beginning of June when, out of the blue, MARS (short for Thirty Seconds To Mars) announced they were coming back to Spain. I knew from the start that this was the chance I had to make 2015 special and memorable, even if it would only be for one day. I bought my concert ticket right away as well as my very first VIP ticket which meant I WAS GOING TO MEET MY HEROES!!
Thirty Seconds To Mars was coming and I couldn’t be any happier.

At the venue with the Echelon (the band’s fandom):

After three long months which seemed like an eternity, the 27th of September finally arrived. As soon as I got to the venue, I met a lot of amazing people I only knew from twitter/Instagram and I remember thinking: “This day is gonna be unforgettable, I can feel it.”
I met my dear friend Ana who was wearing the triad necklace I sent her and who a few days before the concert had gifted me a beautiful bracelet with the words “Dream Out Loud”. I also met the group of girls with whom I later shared what was the best night of my life. I was especially excited about meeting my good friend Paola ’cause she’s amazing and lives so far away from me that I needed to spend as much time as possible with her. I also got to meet Jasmine who is one of the sweetest girls I know and who has a huge heart. We were all ready to dance, cry, jump and touch the sky!

Meet and Greet with Thirty Seconds To Mars
At around 8pm, all of us who had a VIP ticket started gathering around two empty chairs. The mere thought of having both Jay and Tomo so close made me anxious. Shortly after that, an adorable bear and a pink fluffy unicorn appeared right in front of me. I couldn’t believe it was happening. They were real!!!
They talked about a lot of random things and here are some of my favorite:

One girl asked Jared [Leto] about his favorite painters in history and he said something beautiful at the end about art: “One artist can paint with colors the same way another can with music”.

Then Tomo [Milicevic] said something like he agreed with Jared and that in his case, he used his fingers to make great things. As you can imagine, all the dirty minds, including Jared’s, thought of something quite kinky rather than simply interpreting his words as Tomo beautifully playing the guitar. We all then had a good time laughing at Jared’s silly face.

But the thing he said that really made me cry was the answer he gave to the question my friend Paola asked about what to do when you feel lost, when you try your best but feel like you’re getting nowhere, when you feel like giving up:

“You gotta stop what you’re doing. Go to a quite place where no noise can disturb you and listen to your inner child, because children always know what they want and what way to go. If you do so, everything will be okay in the end.”

You know that feeling when you think you can’t love someone more than you already do? Well, that was the moment I realized I love Jared more than anything and it’s amazing how he always has the right words at the right time. He’s a unique human being and I love him for that.

After this emotional and encouraging moment, it was time to have our photos taken. I was quite nervous ’cause I didn’t want to mess it up but when my turn came, it all went amazingly well. I said hi to Tomo and he answered with a super cute and adorable “hi!”. Then I turned to Jared and told him “I love you so much” and he replied saying “Aww you’re very sweet! Love you, too!” and winked at me. After the photo, I ran to meet the other girls to talk about how everything went and I couldn’t hold it anymore. My emotions hit me like a huge wave. As my brain and heart were trying to process what had just happened, I started crying. I couldn’t believe (and still can’t) that after almost 6 years I finally got to meet my heroes and even exchange a few words with them. I thought that was the best moment of the night but I still didn’t know what it was about to come!

Thirty Seconds To Mars


Something I had in my bucket list and that I always wanted to do during a Thirty Seconds To Mars concert was to help with the balloons that are thrown onto the audience during songs such as ‘This Is War’ or ‘Do Or Die’. That night was the night of making all my dreams come true, my new friend Eva and I, along with some other people, had the chance to help the Mars crew with the balloons. We went backstage and they gave us the balloons and some instructions on how and when to throw them out. Then we all went directly to the front of the stage holding those big balloons and when the crew told us, we released them. It was something magical: Mars playing ‘This Is War’ full blast behind us and all those colorful balloons flying through the audience.

Thirty Seconds To Mars


Thirty Seconds To Mars concert
All songs were perfect but here I’m just going to mention some of my favorite moments:

‘Kings & Queens’ was AMAZING and now that I’ve finally seen them play my favorite song live I think I can die in peace.

‘End of all days’ was… well, you can imagine. He put on display not only his incredible voice but also his seduction techniques and made us all swoon when he ran his hands all over his body (#JaredTrolleto).

Then he sang Alibi in acoustic. Since my grandpa passed away I haven’t been able to listen to Alibi because it brings back so many memories. As soon as he sang the first notes I started crying. I was shaking and while a part of me was telling me to cover my ears and run away, the other begged me to stay. My heart hurt a bit but after he finished singing that song, I felt as if some of those wounds in my heart had healed. It’s amazing what music can do.

Finally, the most special moment was when Jared asked us to join him on saying hello to Shannon who unfortunately couldn’t be there. Everyone started chanting “Shaaaaannon! Shaaaaannon!” And Jared thanked us for making that night an unforgettable one.

Thirty Seconds To Mars


On stage with Thirty Seconds To Mars
The best moment of the night came when I got the chance to go on stage with Thirty Seconds To Mars for the final song. It wasn’t only the fact that I was up there, seeing the entire venue from their same point of view but the meaning behind it. The first Thirty Seconds To Mars song I listened to was ‘Closer to the edge’. I still remember that day I was sitting on my couch watching TV when I first saw the ‘Closer to the edge’ music video. That was the moment I fell in love with Thirty Seconds To Mars, their music and the Echelon. And I promised myself that one day, I was going to be there, join the madness and jump and touch the sky. Years later, there I was living my biggest dream and jumping as high as ever on stage with the band that gave me something to believe in.

Thirty Seconds To Mars


What an amazing story! Have you ever met a celebrity in a gig, festival, premiere or con? Let us know at

Fandom Experiences: How Karina Visited the White Collar Set and Met Matt Bomer and Cast

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I’ve been following Matt Bomer‘s work for a while. I remember I forgot my name and age briefly when I first saw him in White Collar. I was stunned by his presence. I later saw him in The Normal Heart where he received a Golden Globe. That was when I knew that guy was gonna make it far. You know, in all fairness — we don’t really know celebrities. But sometimes we do wonder how they’re like in person. That’s why I was super excited when Karina sent me a story about Matt, helping me affirm my beliefs that he’s truly humble.

Matt Bomer


About Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer landed his breakout role of a con-artist in the USA Network series White Collar from 2009 to 2014. Bomer won a Golden Globe Award and received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his supporting role as Felix Turner in the HBO television film The Normal Heart. You might also have seen him rocking some serious abs in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL. Right now, he’s starring alongside Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys.

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer at Met Gala 2015


Matt Bomer
Matthew Bomer poses for a portrait during the 39th People’s Choice Awards 2013. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for PCA)


About Karina

Karina is from Denmark. She is 39 years old and proudly sharing her birthday with Matt Bomer. Except from being a Collar by heart, she loves music, travels, adventures, and being with friends and family. She works in the web business and has co-owned a couple of  companies the last 16 years. Some might call her a geek but she just likes being herself. She doesn’t like being like everyone else, which is probably a good thing, because she’s not.


Karina’s Story

My friend, Ulrik, and I have been huge fans of White Collar since the very beginning, and in December 2013 there was this charity auction online where Tim DeKay offered a visit to the set of White Collar to the highest bidder. We wanted – no, scratch that – we NEEDED that, because in May 2013 we’d been fortunate enough to be around the show while filming in Brooklyn, NYC, getting the chance to talk a bit to Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and Tiffani Thiessen, but we really, REALLY wanted to visit the studio. We figured that this would be our only chance, so we bid on the auction, and after an insane adrenaline rush late one night we ended up as highest bidder. Yaaii!

In July, 2014, we headed from Denmark to New York to spend 3 weeks in the Big Apple. We dedicated our entire trip to White Collar and did the best we could to find out where they were filming around the city, even if it meant spending hours in the sun or sitting on a random sidewalk. We met other fans spending their vacation the same way, because – as it turned out – that summer meant the filming of the very last season of White Collar (sniff), and many Collars wanted to get the most of it before the end. We made great friends! Actually – some of these people we already felt like we knew, because they were part of the greatest fandom and the group of Collars who had joined forces to create a spectacular gift for the entire cast.

143 fans from 29 different countries had come together in the months of May and June to create personalized books for each member of the main cast. All books included messages from fans, pictures, information about how we were fighting for more White Collar, and what this phenomenon “Collars United” was (and still is) all about – and of course we used the books as the fans’ way of saying a huge thank you for everything that White Collar has given us and means to us. I write this in present tense, because even though the show ended about 1½ year ago, it still means a lot to most of us.

Matt Bomer
Tiffani Thiessen on Instagram


Matt Bomer
Willie Garson on Twitter


Matt Bomer
Marsha Thomason on Instagram

Anyway, Ulrik and I brought these books with us on our trip, and we were excited to present the gifts on behalf of the worldwide White Collar Family. The day arrived and we headed for the sound stage in Queens. Tim’s and Matt’s personal assistant welcomed us and showed us around the studio; the Burke’s kitchen and living room, the FBI offices, and finally all the way around to Neal’s apartment where Matt Bomer was filming a scene with Gavin Lee who played the head of the Pink Panthers in the final season. We got to watch and enjoyed being behind the scenes.

When Matt and Gavin finished shooting, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson and Tiffani Thiessen showed up – they were all getting ready to film a scene in the Burke’s kitchen, but while the crew set up the equipment we had (plenty of) time to talk to all four of them, and not least hand over the gifts we’d brought along. First off was Tim who actually told us that he’d recognized us on the sidewalk a few days earlier while we were watching them film from a distance. We were a bit surprised that he remembered us from the year before, but it was cool. Tiffani clearly remembered us, too, as she put her hand on my shoulder and said it was good to see us again. I’m still amazed that they remembered, knowing how many fans they meet and talk to all the time.

The books were a huge success. They were all amazed how so many fans had managed to work on the project together despite being spread out over the entire world, and they gave their thanks by handing out hugs and handshakes (can I just say that both Matt and Tim are soooo awesome huggers!?). Especially Willie was excited and ready to show the entire crew what he’d received. He hugged the book and called it a treasure. Let’s just say that we were thrilled! In return we got lots of pictures with the cast, videos of them unwrapping and not least I got the sweetest messages from all four of them on my White Collar poster that I had brought along in the hope of getting some autographs. Oh, boy – I did! And that poster is now framed and hanging in my bedroom so I can look at it every night before I fall asleep.

Matt Bomer
Karina with Matt Bomer

We spent almost 5 hours in the studio, talking to cast and crew, watching them film, hearing about the process of their work and of course getting to see the set. Meanwhile, we had people from the fandom waiting for us to come online and share everything. No-one was jealous, and that’s one of the most amazing things about Collars United – you really mostly hear people being excited for each other when some of us get to experience these special things. But we share of course, we always share with everyone. That’s one of the reason that the White Collar Family and Collars United mean so much to all of us.

We also shared the rest of our vacation through pictures and updates, because even though we kind of had “mission accomplished” that day in the studio, we continued following the show around the city until we had to go back home. Some might say we stalked them. We think of it as “extensive research on how to film a modern day TV-show” in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world. And you know what? The cast and crew seemed to like us being there. They always greeted us, smiling, a couple of times they shared drinks with us, because it was really hot, and one day when we couldn’t get close due to security reasons, Matt Bomer noticed and said to us a few days later: “Where were you the other day?”

I think — no, I KNOW that the summer of 2014 was my best vacation ever. At least so far, because as Tim DeKay wrote on my t-shirt the very last night we were in the city: See you next time!

Let me just finish off by saying that the White Collar fandom isn’t just a fandom, it’s like having this huge extended family all over the world. We’ve all made amazing friends due to something as simple as a TV-series – though a series that turned out to be a diamond if you ask the Collars – and people are no longer just names behind a screen. We meet, we have fun! Such friends are worth keeping close for years to come, and we’re brought together thanks to White Collar, Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and the rest of the cast and creators. I’ll be forever grateful!


Karina’s story was very inspiring and we are so happy she found such a heart-warming fandom and met all these amazing people from all over the world. Fandom stories are always very moving. What’s yours? Email us at

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