The Best Tweets: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Emojis on Twitter

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Captain America: Civil War has finally arrived. It’s not like I can believe it. I still remember the moment I stepped out of my local theatre to watch Avengers: Age Of Ultron and all I could scream to my friends was “Can Civil War come already?”

Captain America


Well hell to the yes, it’s here — and the press tour from the cast is one of our favorite things that came out of it. What’s surprising is that Robert Downey Jr isn’t even the best part of it this time. From social shares and late night shows, it’s evident that the internet’s sweetheart right now is Sebastian Stan who is reprising his role as Bucky Barnes. We love him too. Way too much.


Captain America

Captain America

Captain America

Captain America


So, Marvel/Disney mega marketers put on their shiny armors once again and graced us with branded Twitter emoji’s for Civil Wars’ superheroes. These emojis which allegedly cost $1m (we’re wondering — each??!!) were a huge success with Bucky’s #TeamBucky emoji skyrocketing to the 1st position of trending topics worldwide on May 5th.


Captain America


These are the emojis:

Captain America


Let’s see what the internet had to say about Captain America: Civil War’s superheroes.

Note: The emojis are not visible in the following tweets because they work natively in the Twitter platform only. If you want to see them, you can click on the tweet to be redirected in Twitter.



Aka honest gif.


So true.






Let’s start a petition for that one.


This is the best.


We adore this picture.


Steve + Bucky = LFF ?


We love Seb so much.


Credits to the artists. So very talented.






Perfect drawing omg.




Black Panther is KING GOALS. ?????




We’re still not over his film.






So good.


Now over to you.

Are you Team Cap or Team Iron-man? I’m personally Team Cap but I can see wherdiddly-sharinge Iron-man is coming from. I love how complicated the Marvel characters have turned out on screen. What did you think of the film? Is Buckynat happening? Let us know!