Hello dreamers.

Welcome to our blog and thank you for stopping by. If you ended up here, it probably means you are just like us – crazy fans of all things film, music, celebrities and food. It’s always about food. You know how to separate your Sebastian from your Bucky and you have lots of feelings about the Guns N’ Roses reunion. Or maybe Google felt generous today and sent you off to us. In any case…

This platform is open to help you feel like you have a place to belong. We know what that’s like. Sometimes your friends don’t understand when you’re making a Sherlock Holmes reference (ah the nerve!) or sometimes you just want to talk to someone about that time you met Tom Hiddleston. Unfortunately there are people who still don’t know who Tom is, so we’re here to help you out with your frustration. We share that frustration.

Granted, social media is our strong suit so you can expect us there a lot. However, please bear with us and give us a chance in the blogosphere. We’d love to see how that turns out. You can expect a few weekly blog posts under our (well-thought) columns. First off:

What are those columns about, you say? Well – we’re here to satisfy a need. Have you ever wanted to know an opinion about a new film or TV show that’s just come out but all the available reviews are just too LONG?

We geeeeeeeet it, film/TV show critics. You know how to write. In fact, we admire you for that. But sometimes, we just want an AYE or a NAY. Life’s too short. That’s the reason we came up with these two weekly columns. In under 10 lines, we’re going to give you our short yet effective review on a movie and a TV show (psssst, you can trust us).

You can click on the link above and see what we talk about.

This blog, however, is not limited to these weekly columns. You can expect us to post anytime about anything (well, not anything, we’re not here to talk about politics). It could be a collection of the most amazing Daredevil mugs we’ve ever seen in our entire lives or it could be our experience in a music festival. That’s why, our next weekly column will be:

In time, though – we want to make this blog about YOU.

Our target is to give you an established platform that has an audience and is open to share your fandom experiences. Did you meet Chester Bennington and have an awesome story to share? Do you just want to rant about the latest Fox film? Does Dominos pizza suck? Tell us about it. Our e-mail inbox will always be open and we plan on launching another weekly column that will feature YOU and YOUR stories that will reach like-minded people.

In the end, if we have a “mission statement” that other brands have out there, this is it: To connect people from all kinds of fandoms all over the world, helping them realize that they are not alone and that we understand.

Shiiiiiiiet. We didn’t introduce ourselves. My name is Sophie and I like cheesecake. I also love making people uncomfortable, attending filthy gigs and talking about Veep every single day (Note: Julia Louis-Dreyfus can propose to me anytime).

Come find me on my fave social media network Twitter and let’s talk about our current book obsessions. If you’re around the London area, let’s grab coffee (or drinks).


We also have another friend who will be joining us. Diddly, you want to introduce yourself?

diddlyhiThat’s Diddly. It asked us if it could be our mascot which came as a surprise to me because usually it’s very shy. We are thrilled to have it here. Diddly doesn’t have a gender. It loves everyone and that’s why it won’t helping us out with our film/TV show reviews. It’s just too good to be a critic.

Diddly told us that it also wants to start its own column here on Propcake.com but it still hasn’t decided what it should write about. So, if you have any awesome suggestions for Diddly (hey, not awesome suggestions are also welcome), you can e-mail Diddly at diddly@propcake.com

We are also always open to suggestions! We have to admit we’re kind of noobies here so we are hoping to figure everything out as we go. You can talk with us via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (Hint: We appreciate Insta-DMs that include chocolate). See you around.